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Since 2014 Green Bee Landscape Maintenance has been proudly serving the Portland area. We are family owned and strong believers in a customer first policy. We work with you at every stage of the project, and ensure your landscaping dreams come true.

Our pros bring a rich background of expertise, and we don't stop until the job is perfect. Our services include landscaping, transformation, and hardscapes. We follow the mantra of Professional, Dedicated, and Friendly. Let us transform your yard!


Our team works closely with you in the planning stages of the project. We hammer out your budget and go over pricing options for the materials, making sure that it won't break the bank. We do thorough prep work so that unaffected areas are maintained. We are courteous throughout, and clean up as if we were never there.


Our team of professionals are dedicated to the highest quality workmanship on all of our jobs. We are punctual and thorough, and can work around your schedule to avoid inconvenience. When transforming a landscape, we are meticulous in detail, and do not rest until your are smiling from ear to ear at our work.


Hardscapes 1.jpg
Hardscapes 2.jpg
Hardscapes 3.jpg

Our customer first policy is the reason that return customers are a foundation of our business. We recognize that we are bringing our services to your entire family, and we put a passion into our work not seen in other landscaping companies. Your satisfaction with our excellent work is primary objective.

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